Donnie Donnelly - Bass Player

Donnie has been in and out of the music industry for over twenty years Bass is the only instrument he loves playing and learning to master. He loves the music seen and being around musicians who has the love and passion for their music. Donnie started playing bass at the age of fourteen, while living in the Bronx.  He was always interested in the bottom end of music. He bought his first bass for a school talent show. His band members decided to go with another bass player with style and looks. It did not discourage him from pursuing and learning how to play bass. His first music lesson was Palamba Music Store. Later, he attended S.O.Js for bass lessons after high school and attended Five Towns College for the spring semester, to further his knowledge of music theory and performance. Donnie was in several bands such as  Aberdeen and B-loud. They had some success with their music. Donnie formed his band RiverWalk in 2009 with the ex drummer from Aberdeen. They parted ways several months later and Donnie started looking for musicians to collaborate with in his new Indie Rock Funk band RiverWalk. They recorded and Donnie produced their first Ep What the Funk Ever and had some success with the song What the Funk Ever and Destination X. They disbanded because Donnie had some legal issues. He started looking for new band personnel for RiverWalk. Currently, the new band members and Donnie are producing and recording new material for their new up coming EP release Unbound in July.